Saturday, September 24, 2011

Challenge #6 - The Winner Is...

Wow, the family really stepped it up for this challenge! There were 39 recipe entries for our cookbook! I've also been rummaging through my mom's photo albums for "vintage" food pictures, and I found some real gems... I can't wait to share them!

Once the cookbook is compiled, I'll send out a link to the shutterfly page where it can be purchased/perused. However one lucky family member will NOT have to order a book, because the winner will receive one complements of The Gross Family Challenge Blog! This winner will also receive a few filler gifts (kitchen towels and recipe cards) to hold him or her over until the book arrives.

Who is this lucky lad or lassie?
Congratulations Cindy!

Your "Hot Seafood Spread" was the 26th entry, making you this week's winner! I absolutely love this recipe and can't wait to make it for myself so I can eat the entire thing my family... It may take me a little while to put all the recipes/pictures together, but fear not, I'll publish a post announcing the completion of the book as soon as it's ready.


  1. Thanks Cortney! This is awesome! And Congrats Cindy!

  2. Congrats Cindy. I have had several sneak peeks of the cook book and it is gonna be AWESOME!! I of course am going to order my own copy as soon as it's ready to publish. Great challenge Cortney. And the result is a prize for us all.

  3. Great idea Cortney and yes Congrats to Cindy!!!! Can't wait to check it out myself!!!!! Thanks again Cortney!!!