Metamorphosis Entries

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Dear Family,

As many of you know, I am very gifted in the medical field, as in I require lots of attention from that field. Therefore, for my metamorphosis, I decided to use my gift and turn it into a creative "new" item for the blog!!! Below (or above depending on the layout) you will find a picture of me in our dresses from Gena's wedding. Below the picture, you will find two additional pictures. What I did was cricuit a beautiful flower and attached it to by beautiful new shoulder! I chose the colors of the flowers because I thought they greatly complimented the dark gray color of my staples!!! I would like to send my compliments to Teri Gross for her excellent photography skills!!!

Tadaaa!!!! Old broken shoulder turns into new pretty shoulder with a pretty flower on it!!!!

And a special thanks to Dr. Timothy Morton in the orthopedic surgeon department at Community Memorial Hospital for his expertise on colored staples. And thank you Cortney for encouraging me to go forth with my creative skills in the medical field!!

My creative idea is to take 3 lovely wedding cake and dinner plates that I have and transform them into a more useful item.  I have several of these platters & plates, and why I enjoy them each for decorating purposes, I would like to be able to put them to better use.  I also have 2 beautiful glass candle holders of which I no longer have the mate!  Not sure what happened to them.....I think my sister-in-law Debbie may have accidentally broke them last time she was here, nonetheless, they are still beautiful and could be useful!
I have glued the candle holders to the Wedding platters with GLUE E6000, from Joann Fabrics, and have a perfectly wonderful 3-Tiered Cake/Serving Platter!  Perfect to be used for Allison's Wedding Shower!!!
Thanks Cortney for encouraging me to get myself moving to get this project completed that I had in mind for several months!!!


The Prize!

I decided to show the prize for this challenge in order to inspire some creativity. The winner of the "Metamorphosis" challenge will receive a hand-made tote. I used one of my favorite old t-shirts to embellish this tote, made from fabric scraps and two curtain ties I had laying around. The "before" and "after" pictures are shown below.


  1. That's no ninja tote. That man is clearly a karate master.

  2. That Wittig family sure must want the "Keeping it Real" bag, they've stacked the odds in their favor!

  3. Great job Gena!! And Jack, you love yourself some motorcycles.

  4. Those rootbeer floats look delicious! I might have to metamorphosis myself some of those later!

  5. 12 entries so far. Way to go Gross family!

  6. Awesome metamorphosises family. Love them all!!

  7. I love them! Ben, I love the less ugly paper.

    I could see Ben showing off a brand new ninja bag!!

    Way to go Cortney for keeping us all thinking together!! Thanks for the Ninja Bag...oops, I am too early??