Super Heros!

#1 - Fantastic Superhero
Abe's superhero alter-ego is "Fantastic Superhero". 
Powers - 
Cheetah vision : See really far away.
Laser Finger : To zap the bad guys.
"B" Cape : Keeps the hero really safe.
Job in Life -
Keep everyone safe! My sister safe. Kill all the bad guys.
#2 - Reaganator Highlighter
Reagan's superhero alter-ego is "Reaganator Highlighter".
Powers -
Tight Squeeze : Squish the bad guys.
Gigantic Smile : Distract the bad guys just in time for...
Blue Steal : This power should be self explanatory. 
Job in Life -
Be sweet and cunning all at the same time.
Where did these two get their powers from? It was genetic of course! They both were born with an extra gene/chromosome! It's called the "Super-factor". True story.
Answers brought to you by Abe and Mommy. (Mostly Abe)
#3 - Captain Kindergarten

Captain Kindergarten (aka Jaden)
He can organize playground activities, help other kids behave in class and run faster than the next guy.
It was discovered on September 1 when he stepped on to the school bus for the first time that kindergarten was going to be an awesome time.  He wants everyone to get along and have fun.  He cares so much for others he wants to look out for their well being.

Jaden's powers include riding the bus, learning, playing with friends, and recess.  These were his words!
#4 - Thor

Thor (aka Caleb)
He can pound anything with the use of his trusty hammer.  He has no regrets and never looks back as to what he has smashed.
It was known very early on in his life he was not an ordinary child.  His strength can't be contained.  And since he is still learning to run he has to rely on the use of his hammer.

Caleb's powers include smashing, pounding, clobbering, and generally being cute.
#5 - Perpetual Motion
Its a bird its a plane, no its Perpetual Motion Gracie!

She can move faster and more frequently than the average 2 year old. In fact she moves more than a regular sized adult. Go ahead, try to catch her or tire her out, its virtually impossible. This is very useful for "running the bad buys into the ground". Watch out, this constantly moving gal can be hard to spot.

Where does she get her super human ability.....have you met her father? And I'm pretty sure the ability doubles as is passed from generation to generation. 
#6 - Gena Ische

Name: Gena Ische
Power: Apparition
My name as you noticed is just my normal name, nothing catchy. That's because the power I possess is not a superhero power, it's a magical one. I did not acquire this power, it has always been in me and a part of me, I only was just able to realize it recently.   Apparition is a method of transportation and is basically the magical action of traveling by having the user focus on a desired location in their mind, then disappear from their current location and instantly reappear at the desired location. It is by far the fastest way to get to one's desired destination, but is tricky to pull off correctly and disastrous if botched up. If you look at the following pictures you can see all the places I was at today.
First, before work (6am Central Time, 7am Eastern Time), I met Dominic at his apartment for coffee; however that was short lived because it started to rain and Dom wanted to book it to the subway before it really started to pour. (Read on...)
During my talk with Dominic we talked about how our favorite meals lately have been wine, bread, cheese and meat. So since my lunch hour is during my prep time, I have about 75 minutes of down time and I headed off to Paris for exactly that. Then of course I had to take a quick visit to the Eiffel Tower, which I've never seen before.

Well I kinda lost track of time, but as you know, apparition is instant and I still made it back in time to teach my 6th hour class!
So, Au Revior! Anybody want to go to Rome with me on Saturday and have lunch near Trevi Fountain?


  1. OMG the competition is quite hefty..but now with my newly cleared head I am sure I will be able to accept this challenge which I previously doubted!!

  2. I feel so lucky to have all these superheros around!