Thursday, August 18, 2011

Challenge #3 - The Winner Is...

Okay, so as usual I'm going to ramble on for a little bit before revealing this week's challenge winner. First, a big thank you to Carissa for creating this week's prize. The bookmarks are just perfect!! I'm sure the winner will be delighted to put them to good use, even if for display purposes only. I'm not sure I'd want to risk actually using them when I read.

I hope everyone enjoyed this week's challenge; I know that many of you just like to snoop at the prize follow along without actually playing. And if you're just checking in for the first time this week, here is a run-down of the entries for the 10 word book report. Bonus points to those who made them rhyme!

1. Anna - murder mystery, artistic, imagination, French, relationship scandals, naive, egocentric, stereotypes

2. Carissa - Canadian mystery
an elder hunted
abundant characters
all friendships confronted

3. Cortney - In a quiet town, there're no secrets, or a lot.

4. Julia - Idyllic town. Natural deaths or murders? Painting clues solve mystery.

5. Damon - Must make time to read this book in time. Damn…

6. Gena - Friendship

7. Debbie - Accident, murder, suicide...don't know.
Slow reader, only halfway through.

8. Pete - Easy read, murder, intrigue, suspense, artistic, French/Canadian, instructed, eh?

9. Teri - Oh my! Should have put down the kids and read!

Okay, who's was your favorite? It actually doesn't matter because there is no judgment here (at least none that I'll disclose on the site!!) Like always, your participation alone qualifies you to win the fabulous prize! This week's randomly selected winner is...

Congratulations on winning this week's challenge, and thank you to all who participated (or stalked the blog and didn't participate). I have two ideas for the next challenge, and one sort of hinges on the internet accessibility of Scotland and Ireland. I'll post the new challenge, whatever it may be, Saturday. Don't let the anticipation consume your happy Friday! 


  1. Congrats girl! I will bring the bookmarks tomorrow when I drop the kiddos off.

  2. Hi. I am just trying to post something. Congrats Gena. Love the bookmarks Carissa.

  3. Great prize Carissa!! However....shouldn't the winner be required to READ BOOKS to WIN?? Well, I guess reading only Harry Potter AND Still Life do count...oh wait...she did read Summer of the Monkey too!!!! Way to go BEEENA!!! Do you SHARE?