Thursday, August 25, 2011

Challenge #4.5 - Where in the World are Debbie, Pete, Julia, and Bill

Thanks for the awesome picture Gena!! I will give you the honors of revealing the location and the winner.

Based on the high level of competition recently displayed on the GFCB, I have decided to make this next photo challenge even more "challenge-y." Or "challenging" for those "in-the-box-thinkers" or "rule-followers" or "possible-English-enthusiasts." I know "challenge-y" isn't a real word... Okay, enough self-banter. The picture!

This again comes from the raucous travels of our loving members abroad. It's not Downton Abbey (look it up... this show is hysterical and my Carissa's new obsession!) The structure is over 600 years old, and most of the renovations through the 1700s are in the "Scottish vernacular" style. Now, I know some of you are saying, "Stop, no more! You've told us too much already and now I have to scramble to be the first one to answer so I can impress everyone with my knowledge of 18th century Scottish architecture!" For that reason, I'm hesitant to provide you with this last clue. But I already thought of it, so here goes. The name of the castle is famously linked to Macbeth as a surprising title bestowed upon the main character. Your welcome Shakespeare aficionados! 


  1. Oh, this was tricky! I was sniffing along the wrong trail for quite some time. But I think I nailed it. The pic is of Cawdor Castle! I don't know if the boys brought their clubs, but there is a golf course right off the castle.

    'This Castle hath a pleasant seat; the air
    Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself
    Unto our gentle senses'

    William Shakespeare

  2. Darn, I was gonna post that. Well I'm still waiting to hear who won yesterdays challenge. One interesting fact is that the castle was built around a living holly tree, the remains of which may still be seen in the lowest level of the tower. This is a very educational challenge.

  3. I am willing to supply a Scotish prize for this one, if one has not yet been selected. Good job girls!

  4. The exact location is....
    Cawdor Castle
    IV12 5RD