Monday, August 8, 2011

Challenge #2 - The Winner is...

Sorry that this took a little while to post, but I'm exhausted after my first day "back" at school (class actually). I know, whah whah, I've had six beautiful weeks of rest and relaxation, so I should just stop complaining about being tired because some people have "real jobs," you know, and they have to work "all" the time... I'm stalling.

I know that many of you were interested in this week's prize, especially because it was pretty awesome. I mean, who can resist karate? I also wanted to congratulate everyone on their extremely creative posts this week! I know many of you were hesitant to participate because this challenge seemed just a little to close to work for comfort. Sorry about that, but sometimes a little effort makes a big impact :) We are a delightfully creative bunch of people, so hooray for us! I've had so much fun looking at everyone's entries. It's always fun to see the diversity of entries given one prompt. I hope you've all had a lot of fun too!

Okay, I think we're at the point where you had to scroll down to see the winner, so without further ado, or maybe just a little, here is this week's winner...

Congratulations Caleb!!

You will receive your karate tote (or ninja... still open for debate) in the mail shortly! If you didn't win this week, just think, your odds are better for next week! The new challenge will post tomorrow, and (hint) it will only require you to write 10 words. No excuses for lack of participation! And there will be an AWESOME prize thanks to Carissa. I know you're all super intrigued :)

Update - From Damon via Caleb, or Caleb via Damon

I have been asked by this week’s winner to say a few words of appreciation.  Caleb is finding it difficult to find the words necessary to convey his surprise and appreciation at winning this weeks challenge.  This mostly is due to the fact that he is not even 14 months old, so concepts such as appreciation, challenge and winning are beyond his grasp.  Also he is still trying to understand basic words and speech patterns, so verbalizing his full appreciation of to the folks at RANDOM.ORG and their fantastic random number generator programs is just not yet possible. 

I’m sure he will enjoy wearing his new prize on his head, putting pieces of it in his mouth, and generally drooling all over it.  Also, we’re excited that Caleb will soon be testing for his high white belt in “keeping it real”.  He’s been working very hard at it.

Finally, in the tradition of the first week's challenge, and with the help of the random nature of the universe (and the internet), we would like to present the runner up this week.  Congratulations to Jack at number 6, you are the runner up in this week’s Gross Family Challenge Blog Challenge.  Your prize is having a wonderful mother, a loving family, a fantastic uncle, and most importantly, an appreciation for motorcycles. 

Yes, this is a total cop-out prize. 


  1. Congratulations Caleb and Jack! I only hope that I will be chosen as a winner some day.

  2. Congrats to both my fantastic nephews for winning such amazing prizes. I can't degrade or berate my nephews about winning, I can only send them loving thoughts. (Sneaky I can't wait for the next challenge! Thanks to Cortney for putting this all together - I am having so much fun!

  3. Great Job Caleb! And so CREATIVE INDEED! We can tell that you come from a long line of creative, artistic minds in your family bloodline!! It does start early doesn't it. Oh well.....I can only hope to keep trying...but then again...I am the ONLY TRUE BLOOD FULL ITALIAN...I guess you can't have it all!
    THANKS AGAIN to Cortney for keeping us TOGETHER!