Saturday, August 20, 2011

Challenge #4 - Where in the World is the Gross Family?

Because we are a family of travelers, and because at this very moment a few of our family travel agents are gallivanting abroad, I've decided to start a string of challenges! I plan on changing the challenge picture frequently, so if you'd like to submit your own "Where in the world?" photo, I would love to add them to the challenge! The first photo is from my personal collection.

Here is your clue: Lauren and I are in the largest city in the state of Hesse. Other clues worth noting; the picture is a little blurry, it's dimly lit, and the establishment's name appears printed on the front window. Where could we be?

Submit your guess as a comment to this post. The more specific, the better. I will post a new challenge photo tomorrow!!


  1. My guess is that you are in Frankfurt, Germany! Looks like a pub? But Lauren also has her glasses on so it could be early and you're eating breakfast? Or since you got to Germany first, this could be the first picture of you and Lauren together and she's wearing glasses because she just got off the plane!?

  2. I think Gena is right. The scene of the crime takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. Clearly you are at the:
    Karaokebar Do Re Mi
    Flörsheimer Str. 2, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen 60326 069/97390996
    The girls have been up all night singing American karaoke. Nailed it!!

  3. Damon's Entry - I think you are at:

    O'Reilly's Irish Pub
    Hauptbahnhof 4

    Right across from the train station in Frankfurt.

  4. Jenny's Entry - I agree with Carissa. It is almost like she had a gps on you guys and kept a detailed journal of your activities.

  5. Okay, here is my attempt at a post. Let's see if it works now.

  6. So I am soooooo late in participating in the challenge that I will start commenting with the first in this challenge. Kudos to Damon who found out where we were, especially since not only don't I remember this picture I dont remember going to the establishment.

  7. Judging by the location and the fact that it's still daylight and we're already drinking, I'm not surprised that you don't remember! I had to back-track from our hotel to figure it out!